Applied Oxidation Product Line
At Applied Oxidation, we believe that chlorine dioxide is the most effective biocide available in the marketplace today. And one of our company’s goals is to be able to provide it to as many of our customers as possible. Because we are active in a wide variety of markets and industries, we have composed an extensive line of chlorine dioxide products to meet the wishes and demands of our customers. We are committed to work with the needs of our customers and then pair them up with the product or generator that best suits the needs of their business. Below is a description of the products that we offer.


Activation-Based Products


Is similarly comprised of two dry powder components A and B. The same method of combining the dry powders is used as with AppOx D 3000™, the distinct difference is that the product produces a stronger concentrate of 4,000 ppm chlorine dioxide solution. AO2™ is also an EPA registered antimicrobial (EPA Reg. No. 88800-1), for a variety of different applications and increased strength is more effective at killing challenging fungi and molds.

Features and Benefits

  • The 21st century alternative to chlorine, stabilized chlorine dioxide and other 20th century disinfectants.
  • With AO2TM and AppOx D-3000™, chlorine dioxide is available without a generator.
  • High purity, enhanced stability.
  • Very effective against all known microorganisms in water and surfaces, like bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, protozoan, fungi, yeast and algae.
  • The best available technology for biofilm eradication and Legionella control.
  • Enables precise water chemistry management, optimization of your disinfection result with less chemicals.
  • Worry free chlorine dioxide; easy to transport and stock, safe to use.
  • Standard chemical dosing equipment, plug and play.

Ready for Use Products

CDG Solution 3000

A state of the art 3,000 ppm ready for use chlorine dioxide solution. CDG Solution 3000 liquid concentrate is the only product on the market capable of delivering the chlorine dioxide molecule to the end user’s application in a concentrated, ready-to-use form without the need for any on-site generation or “activation”. CDG Solution 3000 is one of the only chlorine dioxide based products that is registered with the EPA for use in agriculture, and has the single most disinfection and sanitization approvals awarded by the EPA of any of the chlorine dioxide products.

Generation Systems

For larger applications, Applied Oxidation also offers a series of 1,2 and 3 precursor chlorine dioxide generation systems. Depending on the specific application and the amount of chlorine dioxide needed, Applied Oxidation can provide you with a generation systems that best fits our customers’ needs. These generators are all EPA approved, safe to use and easy to install.