AppOx D™

AppOx D™ is our newest EPA registered dry chlorine dioxide precursor. Combined with a new generation component B and water, it produces a 0.4% (4,000ppm) chlorine dioxide (ClO2) solution. Its ease of use enables a wider public to benefit from the pros of chlorine dioxide, without the cons of a generator. With AppOx D™, the “generator” is embedded in the simple dry powder kits. The dry components of AppOx D™ are easy to transport and stock and safe to use. Dosing of the chlorine dioxide stock solution is done by conventional,  plug and play chemical metering equipment. Due to its unique reaction chemistry and high chemical yield, AppOx D™ delivers a far more effective disinfection and oxidation power than other chlorine dioxide based products available in the market.

AppOx D™ is available in various pack sizes, tailor made for your specific use.

EPA approved AppOx D™ applications include potable water, industrial cooling water and food plant process water treatment, to name a few. For detailed information about the applications and industries we serve, please contact us at: