AppOx D-3000™

Are you in need for a simple, worry free chlorine dioxide solution? Do you need to apply chlorine dioxide in remote areas? You don’t like shipping liquids or using a generator? Here is the answer!

AppOx D-3000™ comes in a two-component powder mixture that, when added to a set volume of water, produces a 0.3% (3,000ppm) solution of chlorine dioxide. AppOx D-3000™ enables a wider public to reap the benefits from chlorine dioxide, without the hassle of a generator. With AppOx D-3000™, the generator is embedded in the powders. The powder components of AppOx D-3000™ are easy to transport and stock and safe to use. Dosing is done by conventional plug and play metering equipment. As a made-up concentrate AppOx D-3000™ delivers a far more effective disinfection power than any other traditional disinfectants and a more rapid disinfection can be made through its self-dispersal action.

AppOx D-3000™ offers the best alternative to traditional chlorine-based products with an even more powerful disinfection and oxidation output. AppOx D-3000™ is 100% safe even for potable water disinfection without anymore the negative effects from detrimental disinfection by-products (THMs, HAAs, etc.) that normally emanate from traditional chlorine. Apart from an excellent disinfectant AppOx D-3000™ is also a very powerful cleaning agent that allows its unique capability to gradually remove the biofilm or sludge that clogs along the waterways (storage tanks, pipelines, cooling towers, boilers, chillers, membranes, etc.). No other disinfectant can resolve this more effectively and this reassures our customers of not just clean water but also secures the integrity of their entire water distribution system protecting the water from recontamination. As an oxidizing agent, AppOx D-3000™ can be highly effective in removing iron and manganese compounds in deep well water, in reducing the BOD/ COD/ TSS levels of wastewater and even against phenols, nitrates, mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, humic acid, among others.

AppOx D-3000™ aims to particularly promote a safer method of disinfection thereby improving the standards of water treatment in all industries away from significant dependence on 20th century biocides that poses great risk of carcinogenic effects. AppOx D-3000™ is a versatile product that finds its way nationwide to applications like food disinfection, general sanitation, surface treatment, CIP systems, industrial maintenance, wastewater treatment, livestock and agricultural farms, aqua culture, among other applications.

AppOx D-3000™ is part of the AppOx Series™, a product line comprising easy to use chlorine dioxide products developed by Applied Oxidation. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Applied Oxidation, we welcome your inquiries.