AO2™ is a two-component system that comes as a dry mix. Combination of the separate powders in a designated volume of tap water produces a chlorine dioxide solution at a concentration of 4,000 ppm. This concentrate is then simply dosed into the target water to produce safe, disinfected water. No capital investment in equipment or infrastructure, except for a simple metering pump, is required to start using AO2™.

The separate components have a guaranteed shelf life of three years. The concentrate when mixed will retain its full 4,000 ppm potency for up to 30 days, declining gradually in strength after that point. AO2™ provides safe water disinfection and 100% biocidal performance without the disadvantages associated with traditional disinfectants such as chlorine and “stabilized” chorine dioxide.

AO2™ may be used in virtually every industry where safe water is required e.g. food and beverage producers, agriculture, livestock, poultry, fruit and produce washing, meat processing, the pulp and paper industry, the pipe and tank cleaning industry, the oil and gas industry, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cruise ships and marine vessels.

AO2™ is part of the AppOx Series™, a product line comprising easy to use chlorine dioxide products developed by Applied Oxidation. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Applied Oxidation, we welcome your inquiries.